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Hawaii Sport Fishing

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What's so thrilling about Hawaii Sport Fishing?

The gorgeous island state of Hawaii has no doubt become synonymous with paradise given its lush greenery, calm sparkling water, and breathtaking views. The Big Island of Hawaii (Kona) has become famous worldwide for Kona sport fishing. The calm waters and the abundance of a variety of significant fish even very close to the shore is the main reason for its popularity. The deep sea fishing can be done with the lures developed by the Hawaiian waters. The ease of fishery attracts fishing lovers from every corner of the world.

Kona Sport Fishing

You must be wondering about why the waters are so calm here, isn’t it? Well, the calmness of water in Kona is due to its trade winds beings blocked by two huge twin mountains. This provides the golden opportunity to both novice and experienced fishers to pursue their love of fishing. It is a perfect spot for the new comes in the world of fishing to start learning here, and the big-game fishermen say that you can catch billfish even with bait. The Kona sport fishing goes on all around the year, and the weather of Hawaii is pretty welcoming.

The Variety of Billfish

You will be much surprised to know that Kona's calm waters are home to every kind of Pacific billfish. The blue marlins, black marlins, striped marlins, broadbill swordfish, wahoos, Spearfish, sailfish are some of the magnificent big fish you can find people fishing here in Kona.

Popular timings of catching fish

Some of the significant fish are caught during January- July. March is the most sought after month to catch fish of more than 1600 pounds. Isn’t that crazy? Indeed, it is!

The big run for striped marlins is mostly during December-March. Hawaii gets more fishers for striped marlins when the waters freeze during the winters. Can you think of fishing in frozen water? That also sounds crazy, right? Well, Hawaii is famous for the most demented activities that it offers to its tourists. The chilly winters also attract shortbill spearfish.

Usually, the migration range of black marlins is outside the Kona fleet, but they also can be caught for a few times in a year.

The expert fishermen know how and when to catch the broadbills. The billboards are light sensitive and gather in more number during night attracted by the schools of glowing squids.

Availability of boats and fishing charters

A wide range of fishing charters and vessels are available in Kona. Most of them have trusted captains and crews and provide utmost safety and fun to novice fishermen. They also stop for other sports activities like snorkeling. Kona fishing charters are comfortable for both family and individuals.

Come enjoy some of the best sport fishing in the world

If you want to try out fishing in the amazing island of Hawaii, then go for the Kona sport fishing as it provides plenty of Fish to catch. Learn or expertise the art of fishing with a friendly Kona Fishing charters crew and have a memorable time fishing in Hawaii. For even more sport fishing information visit us at

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