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Kona Marlin Fishing

Kona Marlin Fishing

Kona marlin fishing is one of the best-known adventures in the game of fishing. The size, power, and rareness of the Marlin fish, is the main reason which makes the fishing so special. Fishing for marlin gained importance in 1930s when a few sport fisherman caught them. The writers wrote about the beautiful blue, black, and striped marlin in the Kona, Hawaii.

Today there are a lot of resources that help in this Kona marlin fishing. Construction of private boats and charter bill-fishing boats to participate in the Kona marlin fishing tournament. There are many luxury boats built for the offshore vessels with the power of deep-sea hulls. They are equipped with luxury and technology to ease the life of recreational sea fisherman, outriggers, flying bridges, fish finders, navigators, and GPS.

Marlin is a part of billfish family, and this has ten species that are very popular with the anglers. They are uniquely characterized by their enormous size and amazing fighting abilities. It makes them so desirable for the anglers as compared to any other fish. They are world’s most abundant bony fish. Kona marlin fishing is the most prized angling catch. Till date lot of effort is directed towards catching these fish with smaller ones being caught by a lighter conventional tackle and bigger ones by fly fishing gear.

Fishing techniques used for Kona marlin fishing

The usage of fishing style or the gear used to catch the Kona marlin fishing depends on the size of the marlin common to the area, size of the fish that has to be caught, sea conditions and the local tradition or practices of the region. They can be caught while using different baits like the artificial lures, sometimes the live bait or rigged natural baits.

  • Natural bait fishing- The most common and often used by the experienced anglers is the natural baits. Even till date, these rigged baits are the most commonly used bait for blue marlin.

Wondering for Kona marlin fishing with rigged baits or with the skirted baits made by combining artificial or skirt bait. Rigged natural baits are often used as pitch baits to catch the fish that has been caught at hookless lures.

  • Artificial lure fishing- Kona marlin fishing is aggressive, and the catch responds well to splash, bubble trail and the presence of artificial bait. Trolling attracts the blue marlin. Kona being the place where lure trolling originated with skippers operating from the coast.

A lot of development in the type of artificial lure has been made. There are different shapes, sizes, colors of artificial baits that are produced here. These lures are fished at varying speeds and thus boats having slower cruising speeds can be used for traveling from point to point. They will help you in getting a good catch.

  • Live bait fishing- Small tuna species are used as bait to catch the blue marlin. The trolling speed is limited because of the live bait and small area is selected for fishing.

Enjoy Kona Sport Fishing with one of the premier Marlin fishing boats operating out of Kona, Hawai'i. For more information about sport fishing visit us at


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