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Best Deep Sea Fishing

Best Deep Sea Fishing

As you are set for the adrenaline pumping experience and want to indulge in an exotic, adventurous expedition, Kona deep sea fishing welcomes you with a great catch.

Trolling for kingfish, bottom fishing for grouper or snapper or offshore fishing for blue marlin and blackfin tuna, a day at Kona deep sea fishing has all for you.

However, before you set to get some catch, there should be a plan for your deep sea fishing. Choose whether to opt a private boat or rental, to take you into deep waters of the ocean where you can find tuna, swordfish, and sailfish.

There are a few tips that you need to adhere so that you could land a big one:

  • Check the reefs and wrecks- Millions of small fish live in the wrecks of the ship and at natural or artificial reefs. These spots are prime targets of big fish. You could get a good catch here as the big fish is in its own hunting ground.

  • Keep an eye on the dolphins- If you are going to fish the yellowfin tuna, you need to lookout for the dolphins as the two of them often travel in pairs.

  • Notice seagulls- If you see seagulls or another bird flying around a specific area, it could be a sign that there could be a school of small fish, which they are trying to hunt. It could also mean that there is a large fish hunting smaller ones.

  • Anchor the boat- If you are targeting the grouper or snapper you need to anchor the boat and drop the bait in to the reef to catch them.

  • Bottom fishing- If you intend to go for bottom fishing, you should use the heavy duty jigs or similar to let your bait go deep down in the water. It will help you in getting a good catch.

  • Use the bait- Either go for an artificial or natural bait around a buoy or tower to grab the attention of fish.

  • Use technology to catch fish- A fish finder, nautical map or GPS tracker can be of great use while you are at Kona deep sea fishing. Boats meant for sports fishing are equipped with all the latest technology of navigational gear and equipment.

  • Carry medications- If you are prone to motion sickness or it is your first time at Kona deep sea fishing, carry few medications with you, which you might require. Consuming the medicines beforehand is a better option than consuming it later. As soon as you start to feel uneasy, queasy stay at the deck and grab some fresh air and take a good view, this could help to ease the seasickness.

  • Go with an expert- Never go alone for fishing, especially if you are an inexperienced boater. This is for your safety only. Most are better off choosing a local Fishing Charter to have a second to none deep sea fishing experience.

Experience the biggest thrills in Sport Fishing

Use these tips while going for a thrilling Kona deep sea fishing experience and enjoy the magnificent waters of Hawaii. Please check us out at for more information on Sport Fishing in Hawaii.

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